NOTE: Game is a work in progress, follow my twitter account for more updates.

Dragged Away is an experiential Rogue-like JRPG horror game. Complete with action, strategy, twists, humor and an element of discovery that's uncovered the longer you play.

Something mysterious is chasing you. You don't know where you are, why you're here, or where you're going, like a bad dream that wakes you up sweaty and shaking.

Can you outrun this terror long enough to discover what it is?


  • 5 playable worlds with randomized and auto-generated levels for each session of gameplay.
  • 30 in-game items that you can use and interact with.
  • Twists and turns depending on how you play the game.
  • The microphone is a game mechanic. If you're too loud you might get the attention of something near you.
  • 20+ different characters types that you may encounter as you play.
  • Up to 3 companions that can join you each session depending on how you play.
  • Replay the game as your companion characters and their unique advantages, abilities and voices.

Streaming Development

  • Watch game development on
  • New updates based on player feedback.
  • Feel free to make videos of the game and share them. It can only help spread the word. Just be sure to tag them #draggedaway so I can find them.